Find Your Creative Freedom


Want to be more CREATIVE?Don’t know how or where to start?Join in Find Your Creative Freedom to get started!Easy prompts and tips to loosenyour creative muscles andlet your inner creative have some fun!Who is this for?writers, doodlers, artists, photographer, pianists, players, knitters, potters, anyone who wants to CREATEmaybe you used to do these things but something made you stoptime, family, commitments, it seemed ‘silly’ to want to do those things?but now, you feel too – old, rusty, silly, wonder what will people say, and what if you can’t do it anymore?So, your piano stands untuned, your sketchbook unfilled, your notebooks abandoned, your dreams dormantbut every now and then, a little part of you whispers, ‘why not’, and you have a goand that makes you feel….excited, better, happier, more want to meet others who feel the sameyou want to stop being a ‘cramped creative’and be truly YOU!With just afew minutes a dayyou can start to build your creative habit.4 weeks of fun, small, easy to do prompts to spark your inner creative into life.5-20 minutes a day.At the end of the 4 weeks I want you to have a regular creative habit that you can build onLearn tips on how to silence that inner critic and listen to your inner creativeIt’s time togrindthat Gremlin,grabthe permission slip, and (re)discoveryour creative self!This course is aimed at helping you START!Start small, start silly….START!Once you do, you will find yourself looking for that time, craving your creativity, changing your priorities, sharing your passion.I’m Jennifer andI literally wrote the book on ‘Freeing Your Creativity’.In my old life as an IT Analyst, when I was a ‘cramped creative’, I dreamed of writing a book. Now, I have and people have found it has inspired them to create more.Which is FANTASTIC!What people have said about the book -“the perfect complement to Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, but it’s a perfect standalone ‘How To’ book for anyone who wishes they were more creative, or is sure that they are but don’t know how to express it.””I’ve just finished reading this and can’t believe how much I resonated with it. I hadn’t quite realised that nurturing your creativity is so important for our well-being.”Thiscourse is the book in practical form. Where we take the idea that more creative practisein our lives is a path toimproved wellbeing and happiness,and act on it. There were practical examples in the book but it’s easy to read about something,and much harder to actuallydoit. I deliberately refer to it as a ‘practise’, because just as with anything it takes time and repetition to form a habit and tofully allow creativityinto our lives. So just as yoga or meditation is seen as a ‘practise’, as an ongoing learning experience, so is creativity. And just as with those things, you don’t need a certain age bracket, or skill or expensive equipment, what you need is to start small, and build up your habit. And habits take 21+ days to build. So 4 weeks ought to give you a good start!This course is for you if -You keep dreaming of doing your creative thingYou know, the one that pops into your mind every so often, the thing you used to do.The thing you assumed you would always do.The things that makes you feel truly ‘you’.This has been going on for Months, Years, possibly Decades! Come join me in Find Your Creative Freedom and STOP Dreaming, Start CREATING!

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