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Our Creative Writingcourse ensuresyou will learn a variety oftechniques designed to enhance your ability to write fiction. You can indulge in numerouscreative writing projects created to promote creativity and importantly, as itwill enable you to chartyour progress throughout.It has been created with the help of Amazon Best Selling Author – Jo Wynn.The course features video modules, an in depth training manual & self assessment tasks.Creative writing offers so many options and enables you to convey your thoughts, feelings andemotions using the written word as a means of expression. This course is perfect for all levelsof ability, whether you are a complete beginner or an enthusiast with many years of experience,there will be something new to learn for everyone.Within this course you will explore multiple techniques that will take your writing skills to newlevels of expertise.This course will also help you to understand how professional writers of fiction think, plan andprepare and with each module and additional task, you will have the pleasure of watching yourwriting abilities grow. There is as much emphasis on the thinking process as on the actualwriting process because great ideas are formed and enhanced in the mind before committing topaper.Our easy to learn modules include:Igniting The Creative ProcessThe Productive Way To Write FictionCreative Writing ProjectsBring Your Characters To LifeCharacters NamesBeginning, Middle &EndPoints of ViewDialogueDescriptive WritingBeating The Writers BlockTop Tips for Writing by Amazon Best Seller Jo WynnAnd much more!

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