Wolsey TV Booster LTE 2 Way Signal Amplifier 0-10dB Gain Control


This low cost, high quality 2 way TV Aerial amplifier from Triax Wolsey allows you to amplify and distribute your TV Aerial signal to two different points around your house/premises. This is ideal for when you want to split your TV aerial cable, but your TV Aerial signal isn’t powerful enough to be to split. There is a dial on the front of the amplifier so that it can be fine tuned to give the best possible signal – not too much amplification and not too little. F connector fittings provide a secure and reliable connection between the cable and the amplifier. Ideal for placement behind the TV, in the loft or in a cupboard. • Number of inputs: 1 • Number of outputs: 2 • Input frequency band: Both VHF & UHF (Freeview TV & Radio) • Frequency range: 85-790 MHz • Out of band rejection: >25dB @821 MHz • Gain (amplification) control: 0-10 dB • Output Level: 93 dB • Forward Gain: 10dB +-2dB • Connectors: F-Type • Power on LED • Mains Supply 230Vac 50Hz Supplied with 3 pin UK plug

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