Phoenix Contact 2814537 3-Way Isolation Amplifier MCR-C-U/I-4-DC


Phoenix Contact 3-Way Isolation Amplifiers – Phoenix Contact 2814537, The Phoenix Contact 3-Way Isolation Amplifier MCR-C-U/I-4-DC is ideal for galvanic isolation and conversion of analogue standard signals and has the following signal ranges: Input Signal 0V-10VOutput signal 4 mA-20 mA The amplifier provides electrical isolation of analog standard signals, while the module input and output are supplied via integrated DC/DC converters, which are electrically isolated from the mains (3-way isolation). The MCR modules ensure the safe decoupling of a sensor circuit from the evaluation circuit and also prevent the negative effects of several sensor circuits connected with one another. Additionally, 3-way isolation enables the universal use of modules both locally and close to the control system for signal conversion and electrical isolation as well as on the transmission path for jumpering high load resistors. Phoenix Contact 2814537 3-Way Isolation Amplifier MCR-C-U/I-4-DC

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