Rotolight RL-48 LED Creative Colour Kit V2


Comprising of the RL-48-B Ringlight, stand, add on colour filter set and carry pouch, The Rotolight Creative Colour Kit is ideal for video, cinematography and DSLR photography and video. Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) the 48 LED Ringlight can run for up to 4 hours providing a widely dispersed, evenly balanced illumination (equivalent to 80w tungsten output) with soft diffused shadows ideal for close-up portraiture, product shots and macro work. Balanced to Daylight colour, a set of Lee filters is included for accurate colour temperature control of 3200k, 4300k, 5600k or 6300k together with ND filters to reduce output by up to 1.5 stops and a diffusion filter for softer light. It can be fitted over the external mic of a camcorder or to a standard hot-shoe, tripod or light stand via the included accessory stand.

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