Monster iSport Freedom BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones v2 Audio Equipment


Monster understands that when it comes to having an active and athletic lifestyle music can be the greatest of motivators. So play hard and work hard with the incredibly stylish Monster iSport Freedom On-Ear Headphones. Robust and Stylish Designed to be worn all day every day Monster have combined style and durability to provide the best in headphone technology. The iSport Freedom On-Ears are super sleek with a polished finish to perfectly match any of your styles whether you’re sat in the office or you’re out in your joggers on a run. They have also been crafted to survive whatever you throw at them. Fully water resistant the headphones can be used when it’s pouring down with rain and will survive all your perspiration with their anti-slip design. Plus they even come with added reflective details that car headlamps will pick up to give you added visibility for an extra layer of safety while you’re in the zone. Fantastic Sound Quality Monster are all about giving you the best in sound quality with the iSport Freedom Headphones providing the absolute best in superior sound quality. The headphones come with two different types of sound profile to suit your environment: standard and turbo mode. Brilliant Technology The iSport Freedom On-Ears Headphones are packed full of technological features to make your life easier while you’re on the move. Not only do the headphones have a battery life of 24 hours plus, but they also have a playback time of up to 9 hours and they come with a battery indicator both in voice prompts and in a LED battery light indicator. The headphones allow 3 types of listening modes to suit your current environment or personal preference: wired, wireless, and USB Direct Digital Audio. Plus don’t worry about flicking through your phone to control your music because the headphones comes with their own, cutting-edge touch sensing controls for play/pause, tracking and volume control.

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