Aquapac Waterproof Headphones


Whatever the weather Aquapac 100 Waterproof Headphones enable you to listen to music in or out of the water Completely watertight and now fitted with earloops Aquapac Headphones are the perfect companion for swimming or any other type of watersport What is great about Aquapac 100 waterproof Headphones is that they ensure the quality of the sound doesn&39;t change above and below the water so you can continue to enjoy the same music up to depths of 30 feet Those who enjoy the great outdoors can now also benefit from excellent sound quality without worrying about keeping their headphones dry! Features Each pair comes with 3 different sizes of silicone earbud to make sure they fit your ear canals (everyone&39;s are different!) Now fitted with silicone earloops to keep them firmly in place 35-mm nickel-coated stereo jack Frequency response 19 Hz-20 kHz Impedance 32 ohms Audio pressure level 100 db (1 kHz1 Vrms) Colour Black All Aquapacs come with a full 5-year warranty What Size Do I Need? Headphones are supplied with 3 sizes of silicone earbud to fit different ear canal sizes Designed to work with Aquapac&39;s 518 MP3 Case but will work just as well with any iPod iPhone or other MP3 case with a standard 35-mm headphone socket What&39;s Included 3 sizes of silicone earbuds in protective casing

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